Web Design

Creative, attractive websites that incorporate social media, adjust to the device viewing them, and easily include multimedia.

Graphic Design

From vector graphics to photos and print layouts, Buzz Media House can create a wide array of stunning graphics.

Ebook Publishing

Buzz Media House publishes and markets Ebooks.  SEO, web design and extensive knowledge of the Amazon Kindle Store and its sales platform.


Content Creation is the Buzz core competency. Whether it's for a responsive, multimedia website, or an Ebook for sale on Amazon. The Buzz Media House focus is to create striking and powerful content that will drive traffic online.

Web Design

WordPress web design is everywhere.  Wordpress blogging software is powerful and flexible.  Many of the biggest corporations and most trusted institutions use WordPress software to create their sites.  

WordPress-based websites are ideal for anyone who wants to easily update their sites without the need to know how to program.  And let’s be honest.  Most of us aren’t master programmers, being recruited by Facebook and Google.  Now, you don’t have to be.  Web design is rapidly changing.  It’s easier to do more.  A professional website is now possible for us all.  

Websites have the power to exhibit a business, an artist, or a creative project better than ever before.  Buzz Media House can help you utilize all of the tools that are now easily accessible to create a stunning experience online.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is so common now that we don’t even fully realize it’s there.  A key part of successful web design is the creation of striking, pertinent graphics.  Buzz Media House understands the aesthetic importance of a website.  The key is vector graphics.  With the power of Adobe Illustrator, digital graphics that are beautiful and low in memory requrements, help to create a website that’s easy on the eye, and fast to load.  In the era of smartphones and tablets, vector graphics are critical.  Buzz also creates graphics for a variety of print and digital projects.  

Ebook Publishing

Buzz Media House is the brainchild of Ben Scott Craig.  Buzz publishes his ebooks.  From website designs to marketing plans and a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy, it’s a new era in ebook publishing.  Buzz is a place to launch and market the written works of Ben Scott Craig.


Buzz Media House is the brainchild of Ben Scott Craig. Long ago, his mother used to call him "Buzz" after haircuts that were a little shorter than usual. The nickname stuck.

Media House

A Media House is a place for creative digital content. A Media House is a new kind of design entity - without barriers or limitations. The power of multimedia design is still emerging. It's an exciting time to create digital content.

Benefits Of WordPress

Buzz Media House offers a web design service focused on creating powerful, flexible and elegant Wordpress-based websites for its clients.

SEO Likes WordPress

The power of Plugins. WordPress has several Plugin Applications that allow you to add keywords for search engines. WordPress websites are optimized for search engines. With effective tagging and categorizing of pages an blog posts, your website will have a distinct advantage. 

Integrate Social Media

Stream Twitter on your home page. Allow users to like your blog posts. Nothing incorporates social media better than a WordPress website. With so many options to add Facebook, Twitter, and other social media buttons, you’re covered on the social media front.

Update The Website From A Smartphone

The WordPress App is easy and powerful. Quickly change pages, add photos, or create new blog posts. WordPress offers effective tools to communicate up-to-date information wherever you are. 

Beautiful Graphics

Fluid graphics no longer cost thousands to custom build.  Wordpress galleries are flexible, powerful, and enhance any images.

Buzz Creates Tutorial Videos

Custom tutorial videos that guide you through basic site changes, updates, and maintenance. 


Multimedia Made Easy

Integrate images, animated galleries, and video with ease. Create a video library. Add an elaborate image gallery. Nothing accentuates multimedia like a clean Wordpress site. Multimedia used to be a complicated task. Not anymore.

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